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What formats can my document templates be in?

Document template formats are Excel and Word. PDF is accepted if it is a properly coded form PDF. You will need a paid software program such as Adobe to create these, and some coding knowledge is required.

The PDF file format is very popular and ClaimWizard supports this format. There are, however, certain limitations and special requirements that you need to know about.

First, PDF editing is very rudimentary when compared to a true word processing application such as Microsoft Word or Apple Pages. PDF documents are very limited to how they handle dynamic layout features such as word wrap and general positioning. To complicate matters, formatting can vary between PDF viewers.

Another limitation is that the template engine currently supports PDF forms only. General text replacement is not supported. The good news is that using the template engine with PDF forms is very easy. While in editing mode of the form, simply click on the form field, examine its properties, and set the Field Name property to the correct template field name as described later in this guide.

Yet another limitation with PDF forms is that every single field must have a unique name. If two fields have the same name, they will have the same value and formatting. For example, if you have the loss address appear twice, and the first instance of the address is left justified and bold but the second is center justified and italicized, they will both appear as left justified and bold. In other words, every instance of that field uses the same formatting as the first instance. This is part of how PDF documents work and is not controlled by ClaimWizard. To avoid this formatting problem, you can add a number as a field modifier. How this works is described later in this guide.

Finally, to avoid any frustration, you will need Adobe Acrobat Pro (or similar, such as PDF-Xchange Editor) to create forms. A PDF viewer will not enable you to edit forms – only the higher editions of the software.

How to create Adobe form fields has more specific details on how to configure form fields into a PDF document.

If you don’t see the proper menu options when using Acrobat, then you don’t have the correct version. Acrobat has pricing information (runs about $15/month.)