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Do you have any sample letter document templates?

Are you looking for some sample letters preformatted with ClaimWizard document template fields you can use?

Sample Document Templates - Click to Open

These documents have been coded with variables for exclusive use within the ClaimWizard system. Yellow highlight is for your benefit to identify data points and should be removed in your final version before you upload the document.

Please visit the Document Template Administration FAQ for detailed instructions on how to format and submit ClaimWizard Document Templates. Below are the sample coded document templates included:

  • Sample Letter : Client Welcome Letter 
  • Sample Letter : Letter of Notification
  • Sample Letter : Letter of Representation
  • Sample Letter : Mortgage Pre-Authorization Form
  • Sample Letter : First Request for Policy
  • Sample Letter : Generic Cover Letter
  • Sample Letter : Client Invoice
  • Sample Letter : Closed File Review (CFR)
  • Sample Letter : Client Referral Packet

These documents are informational purposes only and have not been reviewed or approved by any legal entity. Use them at your own discretion. ClaimWizard LLC is not liable for any misuse, typographical errors, or compliance adherence.