How can I send my attorney a claim file?

Below is the process you can follow for sending claim files out to anyone you may need.

Step 1: Prepare a document package.

Go to the claim and click on "Claim PDF". This will put you into the document builder where you can select which items to include in the document. This will provide a PDF document that you can then email.

Step 2: Select the uploaded files that you want to send.

If the size is small enough to be emailed, you'll have the option to send the files as an attachment. Since all email systems have restrictions on how large of an email they will accept, some as small as 10MB, this may not be practical. To help with this, you have an option to send them a share link instead. This will direct them to our file portal where they will then be able to download the files that you selected.
When you send a link, this is where that URL resolves.

Step 3: Email archiving.

If needed, export the archived emails to a single PDF and email. Select Activity Log & Message Archive, click the ENVELOPE icon, then select DOWNLOAD ALL to receive a ZIP of all included email files.