How can I share files from within ClaimWizard to others?

You can share claim files externally by following:

Step 1

Open Claim file that contains files you would like to share with an external person/company.

Step 2

Select the Files tabStep 3

Select the files you would like to share. This works the same as any file / folder selection tool.

Step 4

Click the SHARE icon above

Step 5

To send files as a link, either select and copy the link OR fill out the recipient’s information (email and message.) Please note ClaimWizard does NOT record or track file links sent this way. If you require documentation that you have sent a recipient this link, please COPY/PASTE/SEND this link via your own email program.

ClaimWizard defaults to an expiration date of 30 days from the date of share. If you wish to change this date, be sure to modify the date before saving/sharing the link.

Step 6

Click the green SHARE button to activate the link.

This is what the link will look like when your recipient opens it: