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How do I set up default file folders in a claim or for a client?

If you are looking to create consistent folders for each claim or client, you will need to configure the Default File Folders in your ClaimWizard Admin section.

Step 1

Open the ClaimWizard Admin (gears) tab.

Step 2

Select the Default File Folders tab.

Step 3

You can create Default File Folders for Client and Claims. The majority of the time you will be using Claim File Folders. Click the Add Folder button to add a new folder. You can nest folders (sub-folder) as well. Reorder the folders by drag-and-drop or using the arrow keys as indicated.

To implement Default File Folders across your claims or clients:

Step 4

Open the ClaimWizard Claims (folder) tab

Step 5

Select the Files tab

Step 6

Click the “Add Default Folders” link to automatically create Default Folders.

NOTE: When you add new Default File Folders to your ClaimWizard, all existing claims/clients with folders will NOT automatically receive the new defaults. You will either need to create the new folders manually in the older claims or click the “Add Default Folders” link when viewing Files in the Claim.