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I'm having issues filling out a PDF forms in mya web browser

The Wizard Team has encountered an issue that some of our users are running into issues opening PDF forms generated from ClaimWizard (such as a POL form) and not being able to save any data you add via your web browser.

While we can’t fix how Google creates their web browser, we can give you a ‘workaround.’

If you use Google Chrome to view and fill in the PDF form, Chrome does not save the data with the form when you click the download button. What this means is you will see the information that you manually typed into the PDF form on your screen, but it does not print or save.

Firefox and practically all browsers behave this way and, yes, it’s annoying. People have been asking Google and Firefox to change this for years (no luck so far…)

Fortunately, it’s easy to work around. Instead of clicking the download button in the PDF viewer, click the Print button instead. You’ll then be given the option to select a printer. Select “Save As PDF.” That will then download the form with the changes that you have made.