How do I reopen a claim?

When a claim has been closed (, there may be times where it needs to be reopened. You will need sufficient security access to reopen a claim. - First, open the Closed claim file (find the claim via search or a report - it will not show up on your active claim workbench.) - Click on the Menu button in the upper left corner. Select “Re-open Claim” from the dropdown. - Select the reason you are reopening the claim. - Once a claim...

What is a CRN Deadline

CRN = Civil Remedy Notice CRN, in a nutshell, is the deadline that an attorney has to file suit against an insurance carrier for bad faith. The Property Insurance Coverage Law Blog has a great article explaining its use: - It may not be in in play in the state(s) you adjust in, so always best to check with an attorney if you should need to. In ClaimWizar...

Date Carrier Notified of Loss

If you need to document the date an insurance carrier was notified of a loss, you can add the date in the Claim. Simply open the claim, navigate to Claim Summary, and edit Claim Summary. There is a DATE NOTIFIED field you can record.

Claim Phase Color Coding

Within the Dashboard / Open Claims view - or anyplace a claim phase is displayed - the tag for a claim phase is color coded depending on its general status: - Green – settled - Red – exception phases such as appraisal, litigation, mediation, on hold - Blue – normal claim phase

Documenting the Date Carrier was Notified

If you would like to document the date the insurance carrier was notified of a claim, you can record the date by: - Opening the Claim - Opening Edit Claim Summary - Enter the Date Notified (located under the Referral Source dropdown)

"Summoning the Wizard" Message

While the messages are cute, it's NOT fun being locked out of your ClaimWizard account. If you receive a prolonged "Summoning the Wizard" screen when you first log into the browser version of ClaimWizard, there are a few things you can check before contacting our Support Team ( If all three sections below are okay for you, please open a ticket with our team, we would love to help! The directions below are to help jumpstart you for troubleshooting, our...

Workbench Basics

Workbench Basics Video ( (please note our interface has been updated and may not look EXACTLY the same as in the tutorial video - updates are coming!) Workbench Basics Review Questions You will be able to answer the following questions after watching this ClaimWizard Academy learning video: General: - What views does the Workbench contain? Dashboard: - What is the difference between the Workbench view of “All Claims” and “My Claims”? - Ho...

Viewing Email Archives & Activity Log Entries

This video ( will show you how to view, search, and filter email archives in ClaimWizard.

Sidebar Functions and Features

In this video (, we are going to learn about the ClaimWizard Sidebar. The sidebar is invoked when you click on a client or claim link. This feature is the standard for ClaimWizard and has been implemented in production for the past few years. Any ClaimWizard users that were accessing an old ‘popup’ dialog box when clicking on a client or claim number have now been upgraded. To bypass the sidebar, press and hold the ALT key while you click the client or claim number...

Printing a Claim

Printing a Claim Video ( To print the entire claim file (or sections of it), just visit any claim, then select the Claim PDF button. You will be presented with options of what to include / not to include in your Claim PDF document. If you would like to download all or some of your claim files, you can do so by following directions here ( Emails can be downloaded in their o...

Residential & Commercial Claims Structure

Residential & Commercial Claims Structure Video (

Resetting Your Account Password

Resetting your account password in ClaimWizard is easy. Go to the main application login page and click the “Reset my Password” link. Next, enter your account username (generally your email address.) Password reset directions will be sent to your inbox.

Manually Adding a New Client, Property and Claim

Adding a Claim Manually Video ( Manually Adding a New Client, Property & Claim Review Questions You will be able to answer the following questions after watching this ClaimWizard Academy learning video: - What is Fast Entry? - How to you enter in a new Prospect? - How does a Prospect become a Client? - How to you add a Property to a Client? - How to you add a Claim to a Property? - What Contract Details are needed to open a Claim? - What Carrier...

Fast Entry New Client Property & Claim

Fast Entry for a New Client Property & Claim Video (

Entering a New Prospect

To add a New Prospect without a Property or Claim to ClaimWizard go to the Dashboard and select Add a New Lead or Prospect (located in the right column Getting Started section) or go to the Client tab and select Enter New Prospect. To run a report of all Prospects / Leads in ClaimWizard go to the Reports tab and search for Active Leads or Active Leads for Company.

Basic Navigation

Getting Started Video ( Basic Navigation Review Questions You will be able to answer the following questions after watching this ClaimWizard Academy learning video: - Name each section of ClaimWizard (left-side tabs). - What content is accessed via the Home Tab? - What does clicking on a blue file / claim number or policy holder information do? - How can you search for information in ClaimWizard? - How can you view a list of all open claims? - How...

Adding New Claim To Existing Client Property

To add a new claim to an existing client property, open the Client, then click on the “Properties and Claims” tab. Once you locate the property to add a new claim to, just click the “Add New Claim” button in the upper right corner of the screen.

Adding a Company Adjuster to a Claim

To add a new company adjuster (or assignable role) to an existing claim, open the Claim, then click on the “Company Personnel” tab (#1). Scroll to “Company Personnel” and click the “Add Company Personnel” button (#2).

Adding a Carrier Adjuster or Staff to a Claim

To add a new insured carrier adjuster (or staff) to an existing claim, open the Claim, then click on the “Insurer & Policy” tab (#1). Scroll to “Insured Personnel” and click the “Add Insured Personnel” button (#2).

Updating Insurance Carrier Information

If you are looking to update information for an insurance carrier already entered into your system, simply open the Company tab, then search/open the carrier you need to update. From here, you can update the basic information such as name, phone, etc. as well as add any employees working at that company. You can also view a list of open and closed claims with that specific carrier.

Where are emails kept in ClaimWizard?

If you open a claim in ClaimWizard, any archived emails sent into that claim will be listed in Activity Log & Message Archive.

How do I set up a follow up claim reminder within ClaimWizard?

In a claim, click the "update claim" button and select the "action items" tab. This will let you add action items to a single claim as needed. You can also do this directly from the action items tab in the claim. The update claim option is also available anywhere in the system where you see a blue up arrow or blue update button (e.g. open claims workbench, action item, workbench, quick view sidebar)

What are the next steps after opening a claim within ClaimWizard?

Work your claims how your company normally handles them. If you have Action Items set up, then you should be able to 'follow the magic' through a claim and have the next important task due on a claim automatically alert you at the correct time. Be sure to keep detailed notes in your Activity Log and Message Archive as well as forward/bcc any pertinent claim emails into your system.

How do I update claim or client information in ClaimWizard?

To update information in a claim or client's record, open the record and click the green edit button / pencil.

What is the difference between Prospects and Clients within ClaimWizard?

A Prospect (or lead) in ClaimWizard is a contact of any type that does not currently have an active claim. They can have zero to unlimited number of properties associated with their record, but unless there is an active claim on any of those properties, they are a Prospect.

Can teams communicate internally within ClaimWizard?

Your team can pass information to each other related to a claim using an 'on-demand' Action Item. Open a claim, or click the Update Claim blue up arrow. Add an Action Item on that claim and assign it to a specific person or role/group. You can also create an Activity Log and Message Archive to a claim to convey information regarding a specific claim to a team member. For general 'chat' with your team, we recommend using Slack - there is a free version and it has a desktop and mobile component.

Do I have to input the address for the same client multiple times on different claims?

Client / policyholder address can be the same as the peril address - or different. Typically the client address is the mailing address, and the loss address is just that, but many times they are the same. You do not have to enter it twice, the policyholder address is sufficient if the loss address is the same. There is a toggle button to indicate that.

Can I send emails from within ClaimWizard?

ClaimWizard issues system email messages but you cannot create your own emails and send them through ClaimWizard. We don’t replace your ESP (email service provider). You will still need to use whatever email program and server you currently use.

How do I assign claim roles within ClaimWizard?

What you see on the dashboard is determined by your role and security clearance in the system. Assignable staff such as adjusters and estimators will only see those claims that have been assigned to them and the dashboard will reflect this. The roles that someone can be in can be modified from their staff record in the tab labeled "Staff Administration." You can access a staff record by searching on their name or browsing all staff from the staff area, accessed by clicking on the star icon on t...

What is the Nickname in the claim summary needed for in ClaimWizard?

Nicknames for properties are used in ClaimWizard for an easy way to differentiate properties within a client or even across your entire claim projects. It also gives you something to "click on" in order to open the property. Some companies use this field to use nicknames for properties such as "Pyramid Building," "vacation home," "123 Main Street" (the street address of the property,) Condo #20A, etc.

How do I close a claim?

When a claim is at the end of its life cycle, meaning it has been paid successfully, sent to collections or litigation, or found to not be worthy of filing a carrier claim, you can “close out” the file in ClaimWizard. Closing or resolving a claim in ClaimWizard is a three-step process. You will need sufficient security access to close a claim. - After opening the claim you would like to Close, click on the Menu button in the upper left corner. Select “Close Claim” from the dropdown. - Sel...

How can my clients connect to ClaimWizard?

You can use the ClaimWizard Client Portal to give access to your clients to see certain pieces of information about their properties and claim(s).

Can I customize policy type within ClaimWizard?

There are currently 31 policy types listed. There is also an OTHER field that will let you fill in any policy type that we have not yet configured. If there is a new policy category that insurance carriers are now issuing, send us an update to ( and we can see about getting it entered into the system.

What is the timeline feature within ClaimWizard?

The timeline generally shows how long a claim sits between major phase milestones. You can utilize this in any way that makes sense for your company. Generally, executives like to look for bottlenecks using these statistics. The report Claim Phase Activity gives the timeline breakdown in a downloadable spreadsheet format.

What is the difference between owner interest and owning entity?

Generally public adjusting companies use these fields to designate if the property owner is occupying the building or renting/leasing. The owning entity name is the owner of a property for cases where insurance on the property is held by a third-party and not the building owner.

How can I share files from within ClaimWizard to others?

You can share claim files externally by following: Step 1 Open Claim file that contains files you would like to share with an external person/company. Step 2 Select the Files tab Step 3 Select the files you would like to share. This works the same as any file / folder selection tool. Step 4 Click the SHARE icon above Step 5 To send files as a link, either select and copy the link OR fill out the recipient’s information (email and message.) Please note ClaimWizard doe...

Does ClaimWizard allow entry for more than one email address per client?

You can add additional email accounts to a contact record. By opening the record for the contact (client, vendor, carrier, etc.) you will be able to add all additional details. This holds true for claim information, policy information and every other type of content ClaimWizard tracks.

Are there any training videos available on how to use ClaimWizard?

The ClaimWizard Training Academy at contains getting started guides and videos. There is specialized training at for the person on your team customizing ClaimWizard for your company.

What is Matterport?

Matterport is a three-dimensional camera system you can use to create realistic, fully immersive experiences. Public adjusting companies use this tool to capture imagery, collect measurements and process data to create, edit and share a 3D rendering of your location. Visit ( for more information.

Is there an activity log available in the ClaimWizard dashboard?

Every claim has its own Activity Log (sometimes referred to as a claim diary or claim journal). When you use the "update claim", you will be prompted to create an activity log entry that is recorded with that specific claim as well as a date/time/name stamp of who made the entry.

How do I adjust my email notifications within ClaimWizard?

If you would like to change how or if you receive email notifications from ClaimWizard, click on your name in the upper-right corner of the screen. This drop down menu will let you select your preferences. Choose “Preferences” and then “Subscriptions” to turn on/off what you would like to be notified of. Each employee would need to update their own settings. If you are looking to change the email address a users email send to (NOT their login ID), then change the setting here:

Does ClaimWizard support additional fields for contact information?

Client records can have an unlimited number additional contacts. Furthermore, you can associate specific people as points of contacts on individual properties.

Does ClaimWizard send email notifications for due tasks?

ClaimWizard will send summary email notifications to any staff member that has turned email notifications on for their account preferences. Directions are at (

How can I make a specialized list of my clients, vendors, or customers?

ClaimWizard supports this through the "segments" feature that allows you to categorize your clients and vendors. Details on how to use segments are at (

Does ClaimWizard auto populate with insurance company data?

ClaimWizard does not provide a database of insurance carriers. Your contact database will be built as you enter new claims.

How do I update a claim within ClaimWizard?

Anywhere in a claim you see a green button or green pencil, that will allow you to update or modify information. If you would like to leave a note on a claim, click the blue Update Claim button / up arrow and you can enter any update information there. Updating a Claim Video ( Updating a Claim Review Questions You will be able to answer the following questions after watching this ClaimWizard Academy learning video: General: - What ways can you find the...

Will I receive notifications on claim alerts via email or only when logged in to ClaimWizard?

Claim alerts are displayed in the Workbench/Open Claims tabs (as well as the claim itself.) A count of active alerts are also shown on the dashboard. If an assignable user has ClaimWizard mobile running on their mobile phone or tablet, and an Action Item is marked critical, they will get an immediate notification on that task.


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