Document Template Administration

The Document Template Manager is now live! You can now upload your own document templates as well as test them before they go live. The template manager will even help you determine errors and missing fields. Be sure to check out the newly updated Document Template User Guide for information on how to access the template manager and get the most out of ClaimWizard.

Quick Instructions

  1. Open ClaimWizard Admin (gears) icon, then select Document Templates
  2. Drag/drop your completed template into the "Click or drag/drop file here" box. The box will highlight blue when it reads the file.
  3. Next, verify that the template validates. You will see:
    1. green "Looks Good!" - success!
    2. red "There are #4 invalid template fields" with a list of the incorrect fields - go back and recheck your template for correctly formatted document variables
    3. orange The template does not contain any fields" - go back and make sure you have put document variables into your document
  4. Be sure to name (under TITLE) your document template whatever you would like and click SAVE

Full Instructions

Watch a full training video on the template upload process: ClaimWizard - Document Template Administration