Financial Tracking

Financial Tracking Estimate vs. Settled

If you are looking to utilize the financial slider in the upper / left corner of your Claim view: You must have either Executive or Financial clearance to see this slider. Link to Video Showing Process (

Handling Client Retainer Payments

Our recommendation at ClaimWizard on how to handle client retainer fees is highlighted in the video below:

Financial Tracking Features

Financial Tracking Features - YouTube Video ( This training video will walk you through all aspects of Claim Finances in ClaimWizard: - Company Fee Calculations - Offers and Settlements - Claim Ledger - Check Disbursement - Commission Payouts - Expense Tracking

Are there video tutorials on the financial aspects of ClaimWizard?

This video goes over detailed information about ClaimWizard financial features: ( (YouTube video (

Is there the ability to input commissions paid to vendors and brokers within ClaimWizard?

ClaimWizard does not track commission amounts, payments or disbursements for any person except for assignable users from your company. If you pay a referral fee you can easily list it as an Expense in the Claim Ledger.

Does ClaimWizard allow users to set custom company fees?

ClaimWizard allows you to set your company fee from your contract with the policyholder. That is set at the Claim level in Claim Summary (choose percentage, hourly, or flat-rate.) If you are billing your client additional amounts from what your contract states, you can enter an Expense in the Claim Ledger.

I input a settlement amount. I'd like to show that 10% of that was issued to our firm and the remaining was issued to the insured. I want to note which money was received.

When you receive a check and record it in the Claim Ledger, you can note what amount and for what the check/money is to represent. Demands and Offers tracks how much money you have calculated a loss is worth, and what the final settlement for that loss will be paid from the carrier. Payments don't come into play yet. Once a check is received, you record it in Claim Ledger (think of it as Accounts Receivable.) After checks are recorded, you 'disburse' them - including your company fee and the amo...