Action Item Workflow

Action Item Course

Action Items are a very powerful tool within ClaimWizard and your public adjusting company - but they cannot be set up in a few minutes. When you create an Action Item Workflow process, you are essentially creating an entire Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for your company. Because your Action Item Workflow is a highly customizable and unique process, YOU are the best resource to create it. We have developed an online course (free, of course!) to walk you through the entire process of determ...

Claim Phase & Action Item Worksheet

Need assistance mapping out your plan for ClaimWizard Claim Phases and Action Items? We’ve created a worksheet to help you document your company’s process. Scroll to the bottom of this article and click on the file to download.

Is there an option to filter action items within ClaimWizard?

You can filter out emails and/or file uploads and thin out the Activity Log list. Searching in the search bar next to the filter dropdown can help you get to the data you need faster.

Is there a way in ClaimWizard to make a checklist of documents required during the claim process?

You can set up Action Items to serve as a checklist to ensure all documentation needed for a claim is requested and received. Using Document Templates, you can create, upload, and generate any documentation you may need for a claim.

Is there an option to set default Action Items within ClaimWizard?

Creating Default Action Items Video ( What Action Items can be used for: - When the task should be added to the claim - Who will be assigned to complete it - When it will be due - What should happen when the item has been completed - What should happen if the item becomes overdue Types of Action Items: - Action items can be grouped into a set called a Workflow - You can create different Action Item Workflows to accommodate different re...

Automated Claim Processing Workflow for Public Adjusting Companies

What are Action Items? ClaimWizard created Action Items as a way to create a cohesive group of tasks (called a “workflow”) related to processing a public adjuster insurance claim. The use of automated Action Items and Workflows is unique in the public adjusting industry and pioneered by ClaimWizard. Why are Action Items Important to Your Business? Having an easy-to-follow, documented, repeatable, and automated business process in place to adjust claims from origination to settlement (and ...