Users & Security

Adding a New User to ClaimWizard

To add a new user to your ClaimWizard account you will need to send a request to the ClaimWizard Team. Please note that all user accounts are created manually by our team to be sure that security settings are correct. - The person making this request MUST be listed as the executive/owner OR billing contact. If not, we will need to contact them to verify the addition. - Accounts are NOT created immediately as they need to be verified first. If you need to request additional staff, just res...

Do ClaimWizard emails with login information ever expire?

ClaimWizard passwords don't ever expire, but if you need to get your password resent to you, just visit ( and request a password reset.

Is there a way to restrict access to some users within ClaimWizard?

ClaimWizard sets user account security access via their role - Assignable, Office Staff, Finance, Executive, etc. Simply by having a user in one of these roles dictates what access they have to company data. If you are looking to override default security settings or adjust specific user accounts, we recommend scheduling a phone consultation to review your security configuration.

Changing ClaimWizard User Access

To make changes or to disable an employee account in your ClaimWizard: Navigate to the Staff (gold star) icon and open the employee record you want to modify or disable. From here you can: - Edit staff information such as name, address, email, phone, etc. - View a list of all open claims they are assigned to (only assignable accounts will have data) - View a list of all closed claims they are assigned to (only assignable accounts will have data) - Modify their security access Addi...