Workbench Basics

Workbench Basics Video

(please note our interface has been updated and may not look EXACTLY the same as in the tutorial video - updates are coming!)

Workbench Basics Review Questions

You will be able to answer the following questions after watching this ClaimWizard Academy learning video:


  1. What views does the Workbench contain?


  1. What is the difference between the Workbench view of “All Claims” and “My Claims”?
  2. How to you sort content in the Workbench?
  3. How to rearrange columns in the Workbench?
  4. How to you filter content in the Workbench?
  5. How to you remove filtering in the Workbench?
  6. How to you view, sort, and filter Claim Alerts?
  7. How do you find out how a claim wound up with a specific Claim Alert?
  8. What do the color coding of Red/ Yellow / Gray?
  9. How to you sort by Phase?
  10. How do you print a list of content in the Workbench?

Action Items:

  1. How do you sort by Action Item Age, Due Date or Phase?
  2. How do you edit a task or claim?
  3. How do you switch between “Your Action Items” and “All Action Items”?
  4. How to you mark a task as completed?
  5. Where are the completed tasks recorded?