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Change the default email app on Internet Explorer / PC

  • Open your Windows computer's Control Panel.
  • Click Internet Options.
  • Click the Programs tab.
  • Select the desired email client from the drop-down menu.
  • Click OK. (Note: To set Gmail or Yahoo! as your default email client for mailto links, see the sections below.)

To install Gmail as your default email client in Internet Explorer

  • Open your Internet Explorer web browser.
  • Install the Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer by clicking this link: Google Toolbar.
  • Once installed, click the Toolbar Options icon (wrench icon) in the top right-hand side of the window.
  • Scroll down to the "Web-browsing tools" section, and select Use Gmail for "Mail To" links.
  • Click Save.

If these directions do not work for you, do an internet search for:

how to change email handler in Internet Explorer PC

...and find results that you can follow. ClaimWizard cannot control what email handler your computer uses when you click on an email address, that is your computer and browser's responsibility.