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Client Portal PIN Access

If you need to give your client their PIN number (needed for them to access the Client Portal) follow the instructions below.

  1. Open Client Tab and select client
  2. Open Client summary
  3. Click “Show Client PIN”

Creating a client contact and getting their PIN number does NOT send them an email. In order to get the Client PIN to your clients, we suggest any/all of the following:

  • Copy your Portal link and put it in an email to your client along with their PIN number. (Your unique portal URL is very long and intentionally cryptic so it’s hard for people to ‘type’ via a printed letter in the mail.)
  • Put their Portal link as a menu item on their website and direct clients to that via email and their PIN. Create a template document instructing your client to visit your website or link in an email and use the Document Template Guide variable [[Client.pin]] to give each client their unique PIN number.