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How do I move a claim to a different property?

On occasion, a claim is opened under the incorrect property or client. You can move a claim to another property but you cannot move a property to another client.

If a property was sold to a different owner (client), you will need to recreate that property under the new client record.

To move a claim to another property to a different client, you need to first create the property location/address in the target client.

PROPERTIES cannot be moved from one client to another.

To move a claim to another property within the same client record, be sure that the property exists. If it does not, click the blue “Add Property” button in the Client > Property and Claims section to add the property record.

Next, open the claim you want to move. Click the dark gray “MENU” button then select “Move Claim To Different Property” and search for correct property.

If you have further issues, open a ticket with the ClaimWizard Support team for additional help.