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How do I upgrade from a single-user account to a business account?

If you are currently subscribed to ClaimWizard on the Professional level and need to add more users to your account, we will be happy to upgrade you to our Business subscription tier.

Send us a ticket and select "Account Upgrade" and we will be happy to help!

In addition to separate user accounts, the Business subscription tier includes several benefits such as:

  • Staff Management: You can view and edit staff information, view open and historical claims, and manage account access and personnel roles. The personnel roles are the various different ways that a staff member may be assigned or associated with a claim.
  • Action Items and Workflows: You can create workflows and assign action items to your new staff members. This will let you assign responsibility for an action item to people based on their role on the claim, groups of users, or specific individuals. Options to automate task assignment, reminders, and escalation are available.
  • Claim Assignment: Throughout the system, for each claim you can see a list of personnel assigned or associated with the claim. These will appear on reports, in the sidebar and "quick view" claim summaries, and the open claims workbench.
  • Client and Claim Ownership: Effortlessly keep track of who "owns" a client relationship or claim, bringing a level of tracking and accountability to your claim management process.
  • Document Templates: You can incorporate the name and contact details for your staff members into your document templates.
  • Commission Tracking and Calculation: For companies that compensate their personnel on a commission basis, there are features and reports to help keep track of who has earned what on different claims.
  • Full enterprise-grade security and access control: Maintain strict control over what your users can see and do in the system using a powerful and flexible security system ordinarily reserved for Fortune 100 companies.

If you would like to upgrade your subscription, just let us know and we'll get you set up. Additional information on the Business subscription tier can be found on our Pricing Page.