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Is there a way to change/restrict access to users within ClaimWizard?

ClaimWizard sets user account security access via their role - Assignable, Office Staff, Finance, Executive, etc.

Simply by having a user in one of these roles dictates what access they have to company data. If you are looking to override default security settings or adjust specific user accounts, we recommend scheduling a phone consultation to review your security configuration.

To make changes or to disable an employee account in your ClaimWizard:

Navigate to the Staff (gold star) icon and open the employee record you want to modify or disable. From here you can:

  • Edit staff information such as name, address, email, phone, etc.
  • View a list of all open claims they are assigned to (only assignable accounts will have data)
  • View a list of all closed claims they are assigned to (only assignable accounts will have data)
  • Modify their security access

Adding a new user account requires you to contact the ClaimWizard Team for activation.

Deleting / Disabling ClaimWizard User Accounts

If you need to remove an employee from accessing your ClaimWizard system you can turn access to their account off.

Accounts are never deleted or updated with a new employee’s information. For example, just changing the name of the new hire that is replacing a former employee because then all historical data associated with the former employee is now reflected as being owned by the new employee. For this reason, you can simply disable your former employee’s access and request a new account for your new hire.

You can also choose what “assignable role” a user account has in ClaimWizard. You can have multiple assignable roles for each person, but your account will only be charged for one license per person. Your billing may increase if you activate an assignable role to a person that was not previously in that role.

Please note that in order to access Staff Records to make changes, you must have sufficient security access in ClaimWizard.